On Saturday 18th July, 2020, Ask a Lawyer Forum, pioneer Legal Knowledge Sharing platform, will hold this year’s edition of its interactive Question Time Conference known as the AAL Legal Roundtable.

Founded on the Whatsapp platform on 23rd April, 2016, Ask a Lawyer’s objectives include “sharing knowledge in building enduring professional ties” and “driving professional development towards excellence in Legal Practice”.

In association with A2Justice and Justice Support Network, this year’s AAL Legal Roundtable will focus on finding creative solutions towards “Access to Justice”, particularly in a post Covid-19 world. On this, Justice Ibrahim Tanko Muhammad, C.J.N., at the Colloquium of Appellate Justices on the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015 on 12th February, 2020 said:

“Delay in the dispensation of justice remains a major challenge due to the failure by various actors including some judges, legal practitioners, law enforcement agencies, litigants and witnesses to appreciate or play their roles in the speedy dispensation of Justice. We must all address the problem of delay headlong and find creative solutions thereto”.

Therefore, under the chosen topic, the AAL Legal Roundtable will –

  1. Examine the relative roles of stakeholders in the speedy dispensation of justice.
  2. Consider how long a Litigant has to wait in Nigeria to get Justice? Also, how can stakeholders guarantee maximum periods for matters throughout the entire legal system from High Court to the final Court of Appeal?
  3. Consider, on a scale of 1 to 10, how our current system scores on Access to Justice?
  4. Consider how the NBA can begin to put its house in order to make the body of Lawyers a shining example for other stakeholders in the administration of justice system?
  5. Consider the benefits or otherwise of having distinct arms of the NBA; one for Regulation, the other for Promotion, Protection of the Profession and Public Advocacy.
  6. Consider in what other ways the NBA can be tasked to go on and make a difference on the all-important area of Access to Justice?

Aim of the Roundtable

Under the chosen theme, the Roundtable will critically examine the above and other arising issues and proffer solutions for a “fit for purpose” administration of Justice system that can guarantee “Access to Justice”.

Date, Time, Venue

The 4th AAL Legal Roundtable is scheduled on Saturday 18th July, 2020 from 12.30pm to 3.30pm on the Zoom platform and will be streamed live on Youtube and Facebook.

Moyosore Onigbanjo S.A.N. at the 1st AAL Legal Roundtable on 19th Dec, 2017

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